Explorer HAT Pro Parts Kit

Explorer HAT Pro Parts Kit


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Everything you need to get started with Explorer HAT Pro or Explorer pHAT!

The parts kit contains LEDs, a buzzer, resistors and capacitors, rotary potentiometers (dials), a shift register, jumper wires, and even an analog temperature sensor!

Use the parts kit to build a PIN entry system, traffic lights, a visual thermometer, or an all-singing all-dancing blinky light show with the shift register's eight output channels that are perfect for controlling LEDs.


16x LEDS – 4 of each yellow, red, blue and green
1x piezo transducer (can be used as a buzzer)
10x 470 Ohm resistors
5x 10k Ohm resistors for pulling up Explorer HAT Pro’s outputs
2x 10k rotary potentiometers
1x SN74HC595N shift register
2x 0.1uF ceramic capacitor
1x TMP36 analog temperature sensor
20-way male to male jumper jerky junior (100mm long)

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Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi 4