Food-Grade Heat Shrink – 3/8″ diameter 12″ long

Food-Grade Heat Shrink – 3/8″ diameter 12″ long




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We decided to stock this food-safe heat shrink specifically for people who were building beer-brewing or sous-vide projects using our waterproof DS18B20+ digital temperature sensors. This heat shrink is FDA Compliant for contact with food. The end of the sensor is stainless steel, but the jacketing is PVC, not good for dunking into your food or drink! But this heat shrink makes it easy – simply slip it on, allowing about 1 cm of the stainless steel sensor cap to be exposed, then heat it up to seal it on. The heat shrink will make a seal over the cap, so that no PVC touches your food project.

This product is just 12″ long piece of heat shrink, it does not include the waterproof DS18B20+ digital temperature sensors so be sure to pick up one of those too.

Clear, food-grade heat shrink
Acrylated olefin tubing
Shrink Ratio: 2 to 1
3/8″ diameter before shrinking, 3/16″ after
12″ long piece, can be cut down as much as you'd like
Shrink Temperature: 250°F (120 °C)
Usage Temperature Range: -67° to +250° F / -55°C to +120 °C

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