Micro Dot pHAT Full kit – Green

Micro Dot pHAT Full kit – Green


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An unashamedly old school LED matrix display board, made up of six LED matrices each 5×7 pixels (for an effective display area of 30×7) plus a decimal point, using the beautiful little Lite-On LTP-305 matrices.

Use between 1 and 6 matrices in your choice of green and/or red. Perfect for building a retro scrolling message display, a tiny 30-band spectrum analyser, or a retro clock.

Micro Dot pHAT also works well with our other pHATs and HATs. You could use it in combination with pHAT DAC to display the audio spectrum, or with Enviro pHAT to display its temperature, pressure and light readings.

The MagPi said that Micro Dot pHAT was “certainly a cut above the standard seven-segment alternative” in their four star review.

Available either as a bare pHAT or as a kit with 6 red or green LED modules (you'll need to solder them yourself)


3x IS31FL3730 LED matrix driver chips
Drives up to 6x LTP-305 green and/or red LED matrices
Up to 30×7 pixels (5×7 per matrix plus a decimal point)
Micro Dot pHAT pinout
Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3, 2, B+, A+, Zero, and Zero W
Python library
Female header and display require soldering


We've put together a comprehensive Python library to make using Micro Dot pHAT really simple, as well as a guide to assembling it, and a getting started guide to show you how to install and use the Python library.


Product page


Assembling Micro Dot pHAT
How to assemble and solder Micro Dot pHAT

Soldering Pi Zero pHATs
A quick tutorial on soldering Pi Zero pHATs

Getting Started with Micro Dot pHAT
Learn how to install and get started with your Micro Dot pHAT

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