Motor party add-on pack for Arduino

Motor party add-on pack for Arduino




Pacco assortito motor-party. Include una motor schield versione 2 per Arduino UNO. Un motorino DC da 6V. un piccolo stepper, un servo di dimensione standard e un servo di dimensione micro.

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Make your own Arduino motor party with a motor shield and a fine assortment of motors! New! we've upgraded the shield to our new version 2, with more powerful drivers, and uses fewer pins to boot! Included in this add-on pack is:

Motor shield V2 for Arduino
6 volt DC hobby motor
Small stepper motor
Standard size servo
Micro size servo

An Arduino is not included, and you'll need one to use the shield. The shield does take a little assembly but its fairly easy. Makes a fantastic addition to a Arduino Starter Pack.

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