Flora UV Index Sensor – Si1145 Light Sensor

Flora UV Index Sensor – Si1145 Light Sensor


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Your wearable can now keep you from getting sunburnt, with the Flora digital UV index sensor. We took our popular SI1145 UV index sensorand cut out everything you don't need for using with a Flora. It's small, round, and connects to the I2C bus pads. Flora can even use our library code to get calibrated light level and UV index data from the sensor. 

Please note: this sensor can be used by Flora but is too complex for Gemma!

To use: connect the 3V, SDA and SCL, and GND pads of the sensor to your Flora 3V/SDA/SCL/GND pads, in that order. Then load up our Arduino library and example code from the classic Breakout tutorial to your Flora.

SI1145 Details:

IR Sensor Spectrum: Wavelength: 550nm-1000nm (centered on 800)
Visible Light Sensor Spectrum: Wavelength: 400nm-800nm (centered on 530)
Voltage Supply: Power with 3 VDC
 I2C address 0x60 (7-bit)
Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C

Breakout Board details:

Diameter: 14mm / 0.6″
Height: 2mm / 0.08″
Weight: 0.3g

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Si1145 Datasheet
Adafruit SI1145 Library

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