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Melopero DAC ZERO


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Melopero DAC ZERO is a high resolution digital-to-analog converter for the Raspberry Pi. Thanks to its high quality PCM5122 I2S DAC and a dedicated ultra?low noise voltage regulator it gives you a crystalline sound through its 3.5mm stereo jack or, optionally, two RCA connectors. A simple one-line-installer and a reboot will let you set up and run your Hi-Fi system in seconds, no soldering is required. We also include a set of plastic spacers and screws.

PCM5122 DAC, 24-bit / 192KHz, SNR 112 dB (datasheet)
dedicated ultra-low noise voltage regulator
3.5mm stereo jack
Fully assembled, no soldering is required (for use with 3.5mm stereo jack)
one-line installer for Raspberry Pi OS
compatible with Volumio OS
compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W/Zero W/4B/3B/3B+/A+
optional RCA connectors
pins for connecting a IR TSOP38238 have been broken out
mute pin has been broken out for easy access (pulled-high by default)
mounting spacers and screws included
Dimensions: 65×30.5×6.6mm (max height if the optional RCA connectors are not installed)

Software Installation (for Raspberry Pi OS):
Open a terminal window and digit our one-line installer:
wget -q -O && sudo bash
then reboot.

IMPORTANT: Melopero DAC ZERO must be connected to the Raspberry Pi before powering it up,  otherwise it’ll miss the initial configuration.
G25-GND-3V3: this 3-pin breakout is useful for connecting a IR sensor such as TSOP38238 (series TSOP382xx) or TSOP38430 (series TSOP384xx), G25 is connected to GPIO25 on the Raspberry Pi, GND to ground and 3V3 is the 3.3V output from the Pi.

MUT: connected to the XSMT pin on the PCM5122, this pin is pulled high. Connect to ground or control it via software with a GPIO to generate a soft-mute.

L, R and AG: this 3-pin breakout is useful for connecting an external audio connector to analog left, analog right and analog ground.

5V (double pin): connected to the 5V output on the Raspberry Pi.

GND (double pin): connected to GND pins on the Raspberry Pi.

3V3 (double pin): connected to the 3.3V output of the Raspberry Pi (this is used to power the digital circuit of the PCM5122, the analog circuit  is powered by an additional dedicated ultra-low-noise voltage regulator installed onboard).

SDA, SCL: I2C pins of the Raspberry Pi, the PCM5122 is connected to these pins and set with I2C address 0x4d.

TX, RX: uart pins from the Raspberry Pi.

BCK, LRC, DIN, DOU: I2S pins on the Raspberry Pi, respectively bit-clock, left-right-clock (aka FS, word-clock), pcm-data-in, pcm-data-out.

MOS, MIS, SCK, CE0, CE1: SPI pins on the Raspberry Pi, respectively MOSI, MISO, SPI CLOCK, chip enable 0 and 1.

G04, G23, G24, G05, G06, G13: the letter G stands for GPIO, these pins are connected to the relative GPIOs on the Raspberry Pi.

The 3.5mm stereo JACK connector is a LINE-OUT (not suitable for headphones) and is connected in parallel with the optional (not included) RCA connectors.

The RCA connectors are available here.

Details about the one-line installer:
The installer will modify the file /boot/config.txt:

adding the line:

and commenting the line (this will disable the default audio on the Raspberry Pi):

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