Pico Decker (Quad Expander)

Pico Decker (Quad Expander)


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Quadruplicate your GPIO pins and attach up to four add-ons to a single Raspberry Pi Pico with our formidable Pico Decker expander board!

Struggling to choose between Pico add-ons? Mix and match up an epic stack of functionality and plug in up to four Pico Packs or Bases at once*, or use the four sets of fully labelled male GPIO pins to easily attach other devices, jumper wires or circuitry – very useful for prototyping. We've also included some little rubber feet to keep everything solid, four M2.5 mounting holes and some particularly whimsical Routemaster bus inspired artwork on the back ?

If you're after something a little more compact, we also make a two slot Pico Omnibus.

A Raspberry Pi Pico is not included – click here if you'd like to buy one!
About Raspberry Pi Pico
Raspberry Pi Pico is a flexible, low cost microcontroller development board from the folks at Raspberry Pi, based on their very own chip – the RP2040. It's easily programmable over USB with C/C++ or MicroPython, and ideal for using in all sorts of physical computing projects, devices and inventions – we're so excited to see what you make with it!

We've called our Pico-sized add-ons packs, as they're designed to attach to the back of your Pico as if it were wearing a very stylish back pack (or a miniature jet pack, if you prefer). We've also got Pico bases (larger add-on boards with a space to mount your Pico on top) and some other boards that let you do interesting hackerly things like using multiple packs at once – click here to view them all!

Your Pico will need to have male headers soldered to it (with the pins pointing downwards) to attach to our add-on boards.

One landing area with labelled female headers for attaching to your Pico.
Four landing areas with labelled (mirrored) male headers for attaching add-ons.
4x M2.5 mounting holes.
4x rubber feet
Compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico.
99% assembled – just need to stick on the feet!
No soldering required.
Dimensions: approx 148mm x 52mm x 13mm (L x W x H, including feet and headers)


* You'll need to check for data pin conflicts when using multiple Pico add-ons – we'd recommend using pinout.xyz or checking the shop page for the add-on in question!
* If you need to plumb a Pico Base into Pico Decker, you'll probably want to do it via some male-female jumper jerky to keep things manageable and to stop everything from being quite so upside-down!
The Pico Packs shown in the photo are not included.

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