Extruded Aluminum Box – 90mm x 82mm x 26mm

Extruded Aluminum Box – 90mm x 82mm x 26mm




Contenitore in alluminio anodizzato nero. Include 8 viti e due pannelli laterali. Dimensioni 90mm x 82mm x 26mm.

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If you have a circuit board or a project you want enclosed, but need something extra durable, this extruded box is absolutely perfect.  It's made from solid anodized aluminum so it's still lightweight while being durable, it's also easy to machine or drill. The end-plates come off and you could cut out a custom end plate from another material if you like.

The inside has circuit board slots so if you have a custom PCB, it can slot in without screws and won't rattle around too much.  We thought this would be perfect for something like a DIY audio amplifier or maybe even a measurement tool that does best with RF shielding.

These also come in a nice dark anodized-black aluminum.  Each comes with a box, eight screws, and two panels for the sides.  Screws are 6mm length, M2.5 size, with a .45mm pitch if you lose one or need more.

This is a 90mm x 82mm x 26mm box.  We also carry a 100mm x 67mm version.


Dimensions: 90mm x 82mm x 29mm / 3.5″ x 3.2″ x 1.1″
Interior dimensions: 78mm x 25mm / 3.1″ x 1.0″
Weight: 106g

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