Linear Ball Bearing – 8mm diameter – LM8UU

Linear Ball Bearing – 8mm diameter – LM8UU


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This linear ball bearing is sort of the opposite of the radial ball bearings you may be familiar with. Its intended to slide along an 8mm linear shaft, rather than rotate around it. These are very slim, and good for when you want to attach a motion carriage onto a railing without adding a lot of weight.

These are very basic bearings, they're meant for a stepper-motion controlled setup so they're not ultra-smooth. They're best used for DIY/hobby robotics projects!

Comes as a single bearing. We have a bunch of bearings, supports and platforms that you may want to use with an 8mm based rail system so check out our CNC category


24mm long x 15mm outer diameter x 8mm inner diameter
Dynamic load rating C(N): 260 N
Static load rating Co(N): 400 N
4 Ball races inside
2 grooves with 14.5mm outer diameter
Grooves vary in width between 1mm and 1.25mm

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Dimensions 5 × 1 × 3 cm