10mm Plastic Bevel LED Holder – Pack of 5

10mm Plastic Bevel LED Holder – Pack of 5


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Keep your 10mm LEDs in place with these little plastic LED holders. These are handy for projects using individual LEDs as they look sleek, and your LED won't budge. Slot the LED through the opening and you'll get a nice *snap* into place.

We have these holders in different sizes:

8mm (beveled)
5mm (beveled)
5mm (flat)
3mm (beveled)

Comes as a pack of 5, and no LEDs are included.

And be sure to check out our extensive LEDs category!

Outer Diameter: 13mm / 0.5″
Outer Beveled Diameter: 16mm / 0.6″
Length: 18mm / 0.7″

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Dimensions 5 × 1 × 3 cm