Feedback 360 Degree – High Speed Continuous Rotation Servo

Feedback 360 Degree – High Speed Continuous Rotation Servo


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arder, better, faster, stronger! All the control and customization for your robot project. The Parallax Feedback 360° High Speed Servo has the functionality of a light-duty servo, continuous rotation servo, high-speed servo, and encoder in one convenient package – what a triple threat!

Like most continuous rotation servos, this is controlled by a standard 50 Hz pulse-width-modulation signal. But it adds a little extra – a feedback wire. This wire connects to an internal Hall effect sensor that will give you the absolute location/rotation of the horn. This feedback makes it easy to create projects where you want to turn and hold any angle with an unlimited range of motion!  Or, rotate the servo continuously at a controlled speed?up to 120 RPM?as a robot drive motor.

Works great with the Motor Shield for Arduino, Servo/PWM HAT for Raspberry Pi, or our 16-channel Servo Driver, or by wiring up with the Servo Arduino library or CircuitPython code. Just about every microcontroller platform has support for analog Servo driving.


Bidirectional, continuous, feedback-controllable rotation from -120 to 120 RPM
PWM positional feedback across entire angular range
Internal Hall effect position sensor, which is not subject to wear or sensor deadband as are potentiometer-style feedback systems
No need to manually ?center? the servo
3-pin ground-power-signal cable plugs onto standard 0.1″ 3-pin headers used for servos
Separate single wire with female connector supplies feedback to a separate I/O pin

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