Right Angle USB Type C Adapter – USB 3.1 Gen 4 Compatible

Right Angle USB Type C Adapter – USB 3.1 Gen 4 Compatible




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As technology changes and adapts, so does Adafruit, and speaking of adapting, this right angle adapter is USB C socket-to-plug.

USB C is the latest industry-standard connector for transmitting data and power. Like Lightning and MagSafe cables, USB C has no up or down orientation. And who among us has inserted USB A correctly the first time?

Works great with any device or cable that has a USB C port, even up to USB 3.1 Gen 4. There's no active components in this adapter, it just takes one port and shifts over a bit – connecting all the pins from one end to the other. Since USB C is reversible you can flip it for a left angle or right angle.

We also carry other USB C adapters, like USB A to USB C, Micro B USB to USB C, and a number of USB C adapters for panel mounted projects.

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