Premium Jumper Wire 10-Pack M-F 3″ Red

Premium Jumper Wire 10-Pack M-F 3″ Red


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hese are the same colors as those used on resistor color codes and rainbow ribbon cable. The 3? cables are available as monochromatic 10-packs in six colors (black, red, yellow, green, blue, and white) and rainbow-assortment 50-packs (five pieces each of all ten colors). We offer the 6? and 12? cables as monochromatic 10-packs in all ten colors and rainbow-assortment 50-packs. For longer cables, see our wires with pre-crimped terminals, which are available in lengths of 3?, 6?, 12?, 24?, 36?, and 60?.

These wires can be purchased with male terminations on both ends, female terminations on both ends, or one male and one female termination. These terminations are designed for use with 0.1? (2.54 mm) male headers and female headers, solderless breadboards, and prototyping PCBs. Close-up pictures of the male and female terminations are shown below.

Premium jumper wire male end.

Premium jumper wire female end.

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