USB Mini-B Connector Breakout Board

USB Mini-B Connector Breakout Board


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This board breaks out the VBUS, GND, D-, D+ and ID pins of a USB Mini-B connector. The VBUS and GND pins can be used to power your project from USB, while the D- and D+ pins give you access to the USB differential data signals. Each of these pins, along with the ID pin, are broken out into a 1×5 row of 0.1?-spaced pins on the board. The included 1×5 straight male header can be soldered to these pins to allow the board to be used with perfboards, solderless breadboards, and 0.1? connectors.

This tiny unit measures only 0.52? ?0.85? (0.55? ?0.85? including its USB Mini-B connector) and has four 0.086? diameter mounting holes for #2 or M2 screws.

Close-up of Mini-B connector on the USB Mini-B connector breakout board.

USB Mini-B connector breakout board, top view.

We also carry a USB Micro-B connector breakout board, and we have two power muxes that double as USB Micro-B breakout boards: the FPF1320 carrier and the TPS2113A carrier. These latter two power multiplexers make it easy to have a device that can be powered from both USB and an external supply.

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