DC Boarduino (Arduino compatible) Kit (w/ATmega328) – v1.0

DC Boarduino (Arduino compatible) Kit (w/ATmega328) – v1.0




Boarduino versione DC, scheda da assemblare compatibile con Arduino. il microcontrollore Atmega328p ha il bootlooder ?no-wait?, trovate maggiori info QUI. Per programmarlo con è necessario un cavo FTDI o un adattatore FTDI entrambi disponibili sul nostro store.

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If you've ever struggled to use a solderless breadboard with an Arduino, you understand how frustrating it can be!

This clone acts just like an Arduino, and works with the latest Arduino software. For many projects it can even be preferable! The kit includes all parts necessary, the assembly is straightforward and well documented.

Since this design doesn't include a USB chip, you'll want an FTDI USB 232-TTL cable or FTDI friend. Since the cable plugs right into the Boarduino, you can use one cable for multiple Boarduinos.


Designed to plug into a breadboard for easy prototyping
Petite size, only 3″ x 0.8″ (75mm x 20mm)
All 'standard' pins are brought out – Digital 0 thru 13, Analog 0 thru 5, ARef, 5V, Ground, Vin and Reset
Chip comes preprogrammed with my “no-wait” Arduino bootloader (Read more here).
2 LEDs, green power and red “pin 13” just like the Arduino!
Available as a low cost kit with standard parts, so its never out of stock
All through-hole parts are easy to solder
Reset button
Atmega328 chip has twice as much storage, runs at 16.00 MHz, just like the latest Arduino. Upload baud rate is 57600, use Arduino IDE v13+ (note that the product photo above hasn't been updated)
6-pin standard ICSP header
Standard 2.1mm DC jack (just like the original) with 5V regulator to run on 7V-17V power
1N4001 diode protects against using incorrect wall adapter
6-pin header at the end for a USB-TTL cable
Auto-reset capability when used with a USB-TTL cable

Does not include breadboard, pick up one of those in our shop!

There's a lot more to read at the Boarduino webpage.


Dimensions (PCB):

76mm x 20.3mm x 1.65mm
3in x 0.8 in x 0.06in
4.73g / 0.16 oz

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