STS-Pi – Build a Roving Robot!

STS-Pi – Build a Roving Robot!




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5…. 4…. 3…. 2…. 1…. Turn your Raspberry Pi into a spaceship!

This robot chassis is designed to be used with our Explorer HAT, Explorer HAT Pro, or Explorer pHAT boards though it will work with other motor drivers!

The kit is a great way to introduce yourself to robots and controlling motors with your Raspberry Pi. It even includes a camera mount so your little robot can take pictures while it's roaming around!

There is no soldering required and the whole kit can be put together with a small flat-head screwdriver.

Kit includes:

Laser cut chassis
Raspberry Pi camera mount
2 x super-grippy moon-buggy wheels
2 x push header motors (298:1 ratio)
0.5″ front castor wheel
Jumper leads
2 x motor mounting brackets
2 x battery clips (battery optional and not included)
Nuts, bolts, and other fixings

Build up your robot and program it in Python, Scratch, or whatever language you prefer! Add a USB battery pack (not included) and a WiFi dongle and you can make it roam free!

Does not include the Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi Camera, or Explorer HAT (Pro or pHAT).

Connor Plant has produced a video tutorial to help you build your STS-Pi, below.


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