Anodized Aluminum Metal Chasis for a Mini Robot Rover

Anodized Aluminum Metal Chasis for a Mini Robot Rover


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OK the name is a little…utilitarian? But this Anodized Aluminum Metal Chasis for a Mini Robot Rover does exactly what it says. You can build a very sturdy (and quite handsome!) little robot rover with this metal frame.

  • It’s made of aluminum so it’s light and strong.
  • The anodizing is quite lovely to boot
  • Can be used to build a 2-wheel or 4-wheel robot
  • Tons of mounting holes & slots!
  • Easy to modify because you can drill and cut aluminum
  • Wont crack or break if it falls down the stairs (it happens)

Remember, this is just the metal frame chassis! Motors, wheels, motor driver, microcontroller, etc are not included! It’s specifically designed to use either our Micro Continuous Rotation Servo or DC Motor in Micro Servo Body. You’ll need to grab either 2 or 4 of those. You will also want 2 or 4 wheels, they snap onto the motors so you can scoot around. If you have a two-wheel’er, also grab a supporting swivel wheel. Finally, you can add a cute little topper if you like. Then, any microcontroller and motor/servo driver can be used to build up your robot.


  • Dimensions: 156mm x 74mm x 25mm / 6.1″ x 2.9″ x 0.98″
  • Weight: 47.3g

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