Raspberry Pi Official Mouse (Black)

Raspberry Pi Official Mouse (Black)




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The mouse has three buttons which activate high-quality microswitches. The wheel is used for quick scrolling when browsing documents and web pages.

Ensure the mouse is placed on a flat table surface. The mouse detects movement on the surface optically. If the surface has no features (e.g. PVC or acrylic tabletop), the mouse will not be able to detect movement. In this instance the mouse should be placed on a mouse mat.

Connection diagram

This is the recommended configuration of the Raspberry Pi with the official keyboard and mouse. The hub on the keyboard ensures easy access to USB drives, and the mouse cable can be short and tidy. The mouse cable is still long enough to use it in your left hand as well.

Note: It is important that the power supply is connected to the Raspberry Pi, and the keyboard is powered by the Raspberry Pi. If the power adaptor is connected to the keyboard with the Raspberry Pi powered from the keyboard, then the keyboard will not operate correctly.

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Peso 0.1 kg
Dimensioni 4 × 5 × 3 cm

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