Adafruit Flex Perma-Proto – Half-sized Breadboard Flex-PCB

Adafruit Flex Perma-Proto – Half-sized Breadboard Flex-PCB


Perma-proto board flessibile. Dimensioni 78.88mm x 43.26mm.
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Make your next project super-flexy with a prototyping board that can twist and bend. We took our lovely classic perma-proto design and had it made from incredibly thin polyamide film. It’s extremely bendable, and you can cut it easily with scissors. It has a bend radius of 1cm or better (you can also crease it but that might break a trace if you crease a trace) and you can solder any components to the pads. Sensors? Wearables? Tubular-tronics? We have no idea what people are going to use it for but we know it is going to be awesome.

The flex PCB is really floppy, so you may need to support it if you solder electronic components on, it won’t stay ‘straight’ on its own unless given some sort of physical support.

Comes as a single flex PCB per order.


  • 30 rows of double 5-hole rows
  • Dimensions: 78.88mm / 3.1″ x 43.26mm / 1.7″
  • 1.2mm / 0.047″ drill holes
  • 2 x 0.125″ or 3.2mm mounting holes 1.9″ apart
  • Weight: 0.65g


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Peso 0.05 kg
Dimensioni 5 × 1 × 3 cm

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