2.54mm/0.1″ Pitch Terminal Block – 2-pin

2.54mm/0.1″ Pitch Terminal Block – 2-pin

2.54mm/0.1″ Pitch Terminal Block – 2-pin




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After a long day out harvesting in the terminal block fields, we’ve returned with a veritable bounty of these very nice and compact 2.54mm/0.1″ terminal blocks in a variety of sizes.

Our harvest of terminal blocks is great news since nothing makes a project harder to maintain than a lot of loose wiring.  That’s why we like to use terminal blocks whenever making PCB-to-wire connections.  These are 2.54mm spaced blocks so they fit easily into perf or protoboards.  They don’t fit well into solderless breadboards since the legs are not very long, and they don’t snap together or fit side-by-side on a 0.1″ grid – but that’s okay since we’ve got a bunch of sizes to choose from.

These terminal blocks are also big enough for a range of wire gauges and easy to adjust with a screwdriver.  They’re not too chunky – so won’t take up too much space on your protoboard – and found them pretty ideal for projects where you need a specific number of pins.


Dimensions (w/o pins): 9mm x 6mm x 5mm / 0.4″ x 0.2″ x 0.2″
Pin Length: 3mm / 0.1″
Weight: 0.5g

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Peso 0.1 kg
Dimensioni 3 × 1 × 2 cm


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