Acrylic Stand for 16×2 Character LCD

Acrylic Stand for 16×2 Character LCD


Supporto per display LCD 16×2. Materiale acrilico.
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Here is a mini-kit to get your 16×2 LCD standing up straight on your table. Made of 3mm black acrylic pieces, with 4 x 1″ nylon screws & 4 x nylon hex nuts, it goes together in a jiffy and looks super-spiffy!

Designed specifically for our 16×2 USB/Serial backpacks, but will work with nearly any 16×2 character LCD setup. Our OLED 16×2 displays have slightly smaller screw holes so you’ll have to drill them out to fit the #4-40 screws if you want to use them together.

Character LCD not included! but we have lots in the shop to choose from!

We have a lovely tutorial on assembling the stand and setting up an LCD system monitor for Windows, Mac or Linux/Raspberry Pi computers

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Dimensioni 5 × 1 × 3 cm

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