Arduino MKR Relay Proto Shield

Arduino MKR Relay Proto Shield

Arduino MKR Relay Proto Shield




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The MKR Relay Protoshield allows you to easily add relays to your MKR board based project.


The shield provides two relays (Datasheet)  called RELAY1 and RELAY2 commanded by pin 1 and pin 2 respectively.


The shield also provides an easy connection by means of screw terminal blocks to A1 to A4 analog inputs, I2C and supply voltages.


  • Operating voltage 3.3V (supplied from the host board)
  • Two relays with NOCOM and NC connections
  • Works with battery powered board
  • 8 positions screw terminal blocks  for easy connections with A1 to A4 Analog input, SCL SDA for I2C, GND and 3.3V output
  • 6 positions screw terminal blocks (NO, COM, NC for each relay)
  • Carry current: 2 A
  • Max. operating voltage: 24 VAC, 50 VDC
  • Max. operating current: 1 A
  • Max. switching capacity: 62.50 VA, 30W
  • Proto area


You can find here your board warranty information.

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