ADXL345 - Triple-Axis Accelerometer (-2g / 4g / 8g / 16g) w / I2C / SPI

ADXL345 - Triple-Axis Accelerometer (-2g / 4g / 8g / 16g) w / I2C / SPI

ADXL345 - Triple-Axis Accelerometer (-2g / 4g / 8g / 16g) w / I2C / SPI




Triple-axis accelerometer with I2C and SPI interfaces. Compatible with 3-5V logic. 3,3-5V power supply.

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This is a breakout board for the ADXL345 chip from Analog Devices Inc., a triple-axis accelerometer with I2C and SPI interfaces. Thanks to a controller and a logic level converter on board, it can be interfaced with both the 3V and 5V microcontrollers such as the Arduino UNO.

The sensor performs measurements on three axes, XY and Z, and can communicate via I2C and SPI digital interfaces. You can set the sensitivity level to + -2g, + - 4g, + - 8g, or + -16g. The lower range allows a higher resolution for slow movements, the higher range is better for tracking high speeds. The ADXL345 chip is one of the best sensors of Analog Devices, known for its exceptional quality as a MEMS (Microelectromechanical system) device. The VIN pin takes up to 5V and sets them to 3,3V, available

The card has 9 breakout pins spaced by 2,54mm (the pitch of the breadboards) positioned on the edge and two holes for mounting with 2,5mm diameter.

For a quick connection, connect the VIN pin to the power supply from 3,3-5V, GND to ground, SCL to the I2C bus clock (on Arduino UNO equivalent to A5 pin), SDA to I2C data line (on Arduino UNO equivalent to A4) . Download the library from the Adafruit repository, once the file has been decompressed, rename the folder to "Adafruit_ADXL345", check that it contains a .cpp file and one .he put it in the Arduino libraries folder. If this is the first time you install a library on Arduino consult this guide on Adafruit

ADXL345 Digital Accelerometer [by Adafruit]

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