HDMI 5 ″ Display Backpack - Without Touch

HDMI 5 ″ Display Backpack - Without Touch

HDMI 5 ″ Display Backpack - Without Touch


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It's a mini panel-mountable HDMI monitor! I know how to use this device, it has an HDMI output, and the shape makes it easy to attach to a case or rail. This backpack features the TFP401 for decoding video, and includes the attached display so its plug-n-play.

The TFP401 is a beefy DVI / HDMI decoder from TI. It can take unencrypted video and pipe out the raw 24-bit color pixel data - HDCP not supported! The 5 ″ display is 800 × 480 resolution, which is just enough to run most software, but still small enough that it can be used in portable or embedded projects without the bulk.

You can even power the entire display from a USB port. With the default 5 ″ 800 × 480 display and 50mA current backlight, the current draw is 500mA total. You can reduce that down 370mA by running the backlight at half-brightness (25mA). With the backlight off, the decoder and display itself draws 250mA. If you want more backlight control, there's PWM input, that is your microcontroller or other PWM output and you can continuously dim the backlight as desired. The display has a microUSB port.

We have two versions, one is video and one is video + touch. This version does not have a touch screen capability. If you want a screen that you can poke at, get the + touch version (coming soon!)

In particular, we suggest for use with single board computers (or desktop / laptops!) With DVI / HDMI output like the Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black. You can power the driver over USB as your computer can supply 500mA on the USB port, and then feed it video via the HDMI port. Please note the TFP401 does not contain a video scaler, it will not resize / shrink video!


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