Qwiic Relay

Qwiic Relay


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Have you ever wanted to control something powerful? Have you ever needed to turn on / off at high power device from your Arduino? Now you can with the Qwiic Relay! This device allows you to control large power loads with simple I2C commands. The Qwiic Relay is perfect for large inductive loads like DC motors.

The Qwiic Relay comes with a default I20 Qwiic Relays on a single bus!1 In addition, there is an address jumper on the back of the board. Closing this jumper with solder will change the address to 0x19.

The Qwiic Relay comes fully assembled and uses the simple Qwiic interface. No soldering, no voltage translation, no figuring out which is SDA or SCL, just plug and go!

This newest version of the Qwiic Relay includes many additional safety features. The ground isolation between the load and the low voltage has been added and the air gap has been added around the common pin. The traces between the relay and the NC / NO / COM terminals

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