Ethernet RJ45 Female Socket Push-Terminal Block

Ethernet RJ45 Female Socket Push-Terminal Block


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If you need to connect to a RJ45 cable (aka Ethernet) to a board that doesn't have an Ethernet jack - this adapter will come in very handy! No soldering required. Just push the little buttons and slide into your stranded or solid-core wire. Notes that these are not recommended for actual Ethernet traffic, especially long term… but for basic power / data distribution, RJ45's are great!

This is the Ethernet (RJ45) Female Jack Push-Terminal Block. There is a standard RJ45 Ethernet jack on one end, and a push terminal block on the other.

We also have a (matching) Ethernet Male Plug Terminal Block.

  • Length (end to end): 36mm / 1.4 ″
  • Weight: 20.6g
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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 3 cm

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